About Us

Who lives abroad knows that you need to get rather creative to get products from your home town. Shipping is expensive, e-commerce web sites are not sufficient enough to find what you are exactly looking for and you don’t always feel like waiting for a friend to visit you. This is the problem we wanted to solve.

Then we realized we should think globally, so that everyone can access to local products from anywhere in the world.

We said to ourselves why don’t we create a network to connect buyers to travelers so that travelers can facilitate our lives by delivering wishes! That is how Picktup was born in April, 2014.

Picktup gives you wider range of possibilities to get the products you want to buy. All you need to do is sending a request to a traveler in our network. Once the traveler agrees to bring your wished product, you just sit and wait until the product arrives at you.

We believe Picktup will change the way to buy products globally. Thus, we are working hard to build the best service available and we have fun doing it! We want everyone to be a part of this experience so come and join Picktup to create your own experience!