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Mexican Temple

Mexican Temple



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Mexican Skull

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Mexico, the place you can’t help falling in love with.

Mexico its one of those places you will remember for the rest of your days. Whether is the food, the music, the colors, the people, the traditions, you name it, for sure you will fall for one of those things…or for all of them. It is hard to write about a country that has it all, but I will try to focus and mention 5 of my favorite things about my country.

Its Capital: If you come, please visit its capital. Mexico, DF was the biggest city of the world in terms of population in the 90’s and It is the place where you can see all, you can experience the modern Mexico and the traditional Mexico, you have great concerts, theaters, museums, parks, excellent places to eat, nightlife, Mexican history and it is very close to other states that you will love.

Traditional Mexico: If you go to Guanajuato, Michoacan, Chiapas, Oaxaca, Yucatan, just to mention few of the states with more tradition, you will discover a new Mexico in every city, in every little town, in every person. In Guanajuato you will have a piece of Mexican history and great love stories in its little streets(Callejones), Chiapas, Oaxaca and Yucatan, the place where prehispanic Mexico was set, they still have great diversity in ethnic and indigenous groups and you can experience its traditions, food, colors and craftmanship.

Beaches: oooh! sun, sand and sea, Mexico and its beaches!!… Acapulco and Ixtapa in Guerrero, Cancun and Cozumel in Quintana Roo Los cabos in Baja California, Puerto Vallarta in Guadalajara. We have beaches North, south, east and west, choose one you can’t fail!

Impressive nature: El cañon del sumidero in Chiapas, Samalayuca desert in Chihuahua, the monarch butterfly biosphere reserve in Michocan, we share with Guatemala the Lacandon Jungle, we have rivers for rafting or meet the grey whale while Kayaking in the pacific ocean, just experience one of these you will never regret it.

Food: This is something that could change your life forever hahaha, if you ask any Mexican around the world what they miss about their country, there is a 99.9% chance that the answer is food. Of course tacos, (please take burritos out of your mexican food list) Mexican cuisiine is so rich in flavors, textures and color! please come to mexico with an open mind and try its cuisine. Mole sosu (kırmızı, yeşil ya da siyah), pozole, enchiladas, chilaquiles, tortas, tostada, tamales, quesadillas hatta chapulines denen böcekler, sonsuza kadar saymaya devam edebilirim. Drink flavored water, Jamaica, horchata, tamarindo and try mezcal, pulque and tequila. Yes, we have a lot of chili but not everything is spicy!

Ok, I will talk about one more thing haha Mexican people, ask any tourist. Mexicans are very friendly and kind, we love little reunions or huge parties with friends and family, we will say hi with a kiss and a hug, and after two seconds of knowing you, if we like you, you will be part of our family forever.

I can assure you one thing, if you decide to come to Mexico please be ready, even Dali said once: “No way I’m going back to Mexico, I cant stand being in a more surrealistic place than my paintings.” take it in a good way or a bad way haha just be ready, Mexico will surprise you in more than one way, prepare to fall in love forever.

Special thanks to Laura Mareli (Leon, Mexico) for writing this blog post for us.
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