Hello World!

Hello World

Hello travellers and buyers!

Welcome to our blog, let me first explain what Pickup is. It is a network where you can connect to travellers to demand products from other countries in a cheaper and much more fun way than logistics providers. It is fun because you will meet new people! Those people want to help you and (the truth) probably want to earn little bit of money. But come on! They will deliver your best wished products, they go through all the hassle :) We believe they deserve something (a big smile, a cup of coffee or some advices for the city besides money).

If you really liked the idea and want to use Picktup, our beta version is live. Now we are working hard to create the Picktup community and to give you the best service available. You can sign up and add your product requests to reach products that you wish or your future trips to earn money and help people while travelling.

Why we are doing this?
Shipping is expensive, e-commerce web sites are not sufficient enough to find what you are exactly looking for and you don’t always feel like waiting for a friend to visit you. This is the problem we wanted to solve. Then we realized we should think globally, so that everyone can access to local products and not just local, to all products from anywhere in the world.

We asked ourselves why we don’t create a network to connect buyers to travelers so that travelers can help us by delivering wishes! That is how Picktup was born in April, 2014. While I was living abroad and having difficulties because of this problem.

What will you see in this blog?
Here in our brand new blog, we want to write about different cities… We will write about the best places to see, to eat, to visit and also to buy products as a souvenir or just special things from that city.

Who are we?
We’re two co-founders who love to travel and have a lot of friends around the world.
We have fun doing it! We want everyone to be a part of this experience so come and join Picktup to create your own experience or to read about our newbie city expert bloggers.

For any question you can contact us info@picktup.com. If you have any suggestion or want to write about your city please write to us. We would love to hear from you.

Let’s get started…

Picktup Team

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