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Whenever someone talks about Prague, it reminds us fairytales. We can really say that the city creates a fairytale background with its atmosphere, architectural landscape, historical buildings and the pastel color palette it owns. Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic which is included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage with its “Old City”, stops the time as its living in Middle Ages.

I was one of the luckiest people who spent new year week and eve in Prague last year. I don’t even like the “snow”, I can admit that, snowflakes suit this city beautifully and transform it to a winter-tale. But I am sure, the city is also hosting different kind of tales in summer and spring time.

The amazing Christmas market is located in “Old Town Square – Stare Mesto” which is surrounded with “Church of Our Lady Before Tyn” and “Astronomical Clock”, becomes the (point of attraction) for everyone. The market with its red –roofed huts creates perfect photo scene combining with gothic towers of the “Church of Our Lady Before Tyn” reaching 14th century. You may find different products and foods special to Prague in the market. The must-eat one of them is famous Slovakian cake and sweet pastry “Trdelnic”, which is cooked over fire and becomedelicious putting some cinnamon or nutella on top of it.

The peak point of the city is the “Prague Castle” that overlooks from the top. You may also see the magnificien “Saint Vitus Cathedral” located on this hill. If you prefer to go further more, you will face the “Petrin Tower” which is a small replica of the Eiffel Tower. When you go down stroke from the hill to the old city center you will pass through the “Mala Strana” and “Charles Bridge”. Charles bridge is the most famous one located ower the “Vltava River” and also famous by its 30 scupltures standing on both sides lasting their own stories and historical & religious powers.

You may find “Kampa Park” just near the river with its city view, you should stop in a cafe and enjoy this cheerful place.

Then you may head to Golden Lane, which is full of colorful houses, and see Kafka’s house there, no 22. Another must-see house in Prague is “Dancing House” which is a little bit controversial depending on your perception and vantage point.

When you are walking around the city, open your eyes to catch David Cerny’s public sculptures. These are very interesting, disturbing somehow, but definitely amazing. Most famous ones are; Babies, Brownnosers and Piss.

As for eating in Prague, you should try Abmiente restaurants, especially Brasilerio, serving delicious grilled meat. But the perfect one that I say “don’t go back without a try” is Sasazu, serving Asian dishes, just amazingly tasty. The place is stands out with is decoration and it has a night club by its side.

List of things you should not forget to buy:

Puppets: We can say Prague is a “Puppet Heaven”, regardless of they are dead or alive, cause I could not be sure that they won’t just started to walk or dance. I don’t have a statistical data but its significant that number of puppets are more than the numbers of the people of Prague. If you make a deep research I am sure you are able to find even your own identical puppet. There is wide range of models and prices; top quality, hand made, used as a design object, colorful, famous people, middle age style. Top quality ones are quite high in value but you may also find lots of touristic shops.

Absinth: You should get a “green fairy” for yourself. This green fairy protection will cost you a minimum 70% rate of alcohol. However, it is guaranteed that you will have 70% increase in your level of show-off when you arrive back to home. You may find it from alcohol stores or mini markets with lots of types; cannabis, red chili… Definitely buy the special spoon with holes used for sugar to dissolved.
As for drinks, there is another famous spirit as Becherovka special to this country and Silvovice can be prefered only for its cute and colorful bottle design.

Famous artist Alphanse Mucha is an art symbol in Prague, you may visit “Mucha Museum” the official museum dedicated to him to see his works. And also you can buy replicas as posters, prints, canvas from any place in the city.

Ceramic: If your way leads you to “Karlovy Vary”, the big SPA hotel “Imperial” that “the Grand Budapest Hotel” movie inspired from is located here, there are lots of ceramic materials as gifts or decoration objects.
Especially “Garnet” jewelry is very famous in Prague. Accessories like rings, necklaces with red light of Garnet are very elegant and chic. Bohemian crystal and glass products are other popular options. Accessories and glassware products are very authentic and they should be in mind to purchase. The big shop “Moser” is the place that you can choose among limitless options.

If you say you don’t know what to buy but I am a shopaholic, you may visit this places; Parizska Caddesi, Mala Strana, Vacloc Meydanı, Narodni streets. You can be sure you will find something to go back home with.

– Speacial thanks to Anı Özyön for writing this blog post for us.

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